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Mainly my work explores boundaries and limitations, socio-normative as well as psychological and physical. Central starting pointis the presenceof effort, personal experience and risk. The medium varies between performance, installations, objects and video.


Ania Lialina (born July 4, 1991, Tula) is a Russian artist, curator, teacher. She studied at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (2008-2013)

and the Rodchenko Art School (2016-2019, Vladislav Efimov’ Mixed Media Studio).

In 2018/20, Lialina assisted Vladislav Efimov at the Rodchenko Art School, taught the course "Contemporary Art and Media" at the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (bachelor degree course) and Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration  (master degree course).

In 2021, she directed the exhibition program of the Center of Contemporary Culture Fligel in Vladimir.

In 2019 Ania Lialina founded the beznazvaniia art community with Maxim Amelchenko. Its activities included individual artworks, exhibition projects, interventions, development of regional links between self-organizations and artists, collaborations, joint expeditions and laboratories, as well as the residence and artist-run-space SKLAD. In 2020, Anna Lyalina and Maxim Amelchenko became scholarship holders of the Garage Museum Grant Program for Artists. In December 2021, all activities of beznazvaniia were interrupted by the death of Maxim Amelchenko.

Anna Lyalina had four solo exhibitions in Moscow, at the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM), the Maxim Boxer Gallery, in an abandoned building in the National Park Elk Island and at the Rodchenko Art School.

Lialina works are in the collection of MAMM, as well as in private collections in Russia and Switzerland. She collaborates with Pink Pong gallery (Moscow). Based in Moscow and Vladimir.

Solo exhibitions


F=mg. Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM), Moscow, September - October, 2020
One to twelve. National Park Elk Island, Moscow, February 29, 2020
The estimated value. Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow, July 2019
Olympics, mother’s lipstick, daddy’s underpants, one. two, three! The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow, March 2018


Group exhibitions

Synaesthesia. Peredelkino Writers' Village, Moscow
Is living, and working, and resting. 48 Hours Novosibirsk Fest, Novosibirsk
Fields. The Festival of art-communities. Moscow
Between arts: greenhouse of local versions. Kontora parohodstva, Tyumen
FTUE. Electromuseum, Moscow
Arepo. Vladimir
Snow Festival. ARS Kotel’naya, Tomsk
New location. ARS SKLAD. Vladimir
Fortune cookies. CCC Fligel, Vladimir

Spatial regression. Karelia, Kurkiyoki
Grotesk. Petrozavodsk
Flowers for doctors. Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM), Moscow
Support group. CUBE Moscow, Moscow
Waiting room. ССI Fabrika, Moscow
Squatting Research. Moscow Union of Artists, Starosadsky, 5, Moscow
The Rooms 2.0. Room 5. Live in/place. White Room Foundation, Moscow
Straight on to the sixth intersection. Crema cafe, Petrozavodsk
Hidden garden. London
VHUTEMAS - XXI. Russian State Library of Arts
Long desired. House of servants of the Karpov estate, Vladimir region
Between. Tula region


Omission lane. Cube Moscow, AZOT gallery, Osnova gallery, Moscow
Look at yourself. Gallery GROUND Peschanaya, Moscow
Below the ground. Apartment 210, Vladimir
Maybe, it's not here. Apartment 210, Vladimir
OUT. Torgovye Riady, Vladimir
Winzavod.Open: The drill. Winzavod, White Hall, Moscow
Moscow Immortals. Padick gallery,  Moscow
Clean field, The land-art festival. Vladimir
Blind Spot. Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow
Сonservation. Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow
Paradoxical hybrids. ССС Hlebozavod, Vladivostok


Post-post text. Paradoxical and sincere history of the text in the images, told by itself. Ground Hodynka gallery, Moscow
Go into the light. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
Games on one’s own. Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow
Art-lobster-tart. Gallery A3, Moscow
Rejection area. Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow
Almost. Gallery Palto (Overcoat Gallery), Moscow
Winzavod.Open: Classroom meeting, Winzavod, White Hall, Moscow
Paradoxical hybrids. Electromuseum, Moscow
Reverse perspective, The Festival of contemporary arts Art-subject. Vladimir
The need for a museum. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
The desired and the actual / Theory and practice. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
Sing-song chart. Radio Città Fujiko. Italy, Bologna
Hangover. Maxim Boxer gallery, Moscow


Simple feelings. NCCA Arsenal, Nizhny Novgorod
Сoil spring, Open Moscow Bar, Moscow
The reductionist march. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
Games on one’s own. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
Can! Festival of Contemporary Art. Vladikavkaz, Derbent
Workshops`17. Over There, Where No One Dreams: from Sacred Geography to Non-Place. MMOMA, Gogolovsky, 10, Moscow
Exchange. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
Ideas where are you. The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow
Post-Soviet body: choreography and performance. ZIL, Moscow
The Center of the latent image. Artplay, Pluton, Moscow
The Museum Night. Tsekh, Moscow
WORLD MACHINE. The Tula Historical Architectural Museum, Tula


Selected curated exhibitions 


Is living, and working, and resting (public art program). 48 Hours Novosibirsk Fest, Novosibirsk, 2021
The tenderness as a strategy. Naden'ka Art Group. CCC Fligel, Vladimir, 2021
Take me with you. Ulyana Podkorytova. CCC Fligel, Vladimir, 2021
Long desired. House of servants of the Karpov estate, Vladimir region, 2020
Between. Tula region, 2020
Peacetime. Gorky Park Museum, Moscow, 2020
Below the ground. Apartment 210, Vladimir, 2019
Maybe it's not here. Apartment 210, Vladimir, 2019



Garage Museum of Contemporary Art Grant Program for Young Artists, 2020
Tretyakov Prize, Project of the Year, 2020
Tretyakov Prize, Unrealized Project, 2020
Tretyakov Prize, Personal choice, 2018


Residencies, laboratories and other

Synaesthesia. Residence of Peredelkino Writers' Village, September - October 2021
Persistent Presence. (Un)sustainable development. Conference of Contemporary Art Initiatives. Centre for Culture CC19, Novosibirsk, September 2021
Second Meeting of Contemporary Art Institutions by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Samara, August 2021
Phygital Media School, Art&Science Center of ITMO University, March-July, 2021
Kunne kurret lennetäh. Where cranes fly. Residence of ART NORDEN. Kurkieki, February 2021
Blazar Young Art Fair. Museum of Moscow, Moscow, September 2020
Nomadic laboratory of visual art and new media, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, September 2020
Laboratory of street art. Streletskaya 25, Vladimir, June 2019
Dislocation, performance laboratory of ZIL, Moscow, May 2019
Garage Weekend Faculty, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow, January 2019
Laboratory of The Festival of contemporary arts Art-subject. Vladimir, April 2018
Post-Soviet body lab: choreography and performance. ZIL, Moscow, May 2017


Teaching activities

Contemporary Art and Media, BS program, Department of Journalism, the Peoples' Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Moscow 2019/2020
Contemporary Art and Media, MA program Digital Communications and New Media, The Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), Moscow, 2018/20
Workshop, The Rodchenko Art School, Moscow 2018/20
Paradox lab performance school, Hlebozavod Center for Contemporary Culture, Vladivostok, 2018
Editing as a creation tool of performance. Center for Contemporary Dance TSEKH, Moscow, 2016

@ Ania Lialina, 2022

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