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According to one version, the toponym “Tyumen” came from the ancient Turkic — “ten thousand” (head of cattle/subjects). Due to the exchange
of bulls or bills, qr-scans or contactless technologies a person is provided with a resource for survival and provides global economic processes and scripts. Capitalism mastered physical territories, digital spaces, information fields. Diversity and variety can be paid by subscription or exchanged for the time spent on viewing personalized advertising. Ten souvenir rubles turn around ten thousand devaluation. Render was successful. Like, share, repost.


This is a telegram bot that works on the principle of text adventures of the 1970s. The user can leave the house and take a walk, but wherever he goes, he is met by barking dogs… 


In conditions of pandemic self-isolation, a person no longer owns the space outside the door. Fear fills the space inside and out. Perhaps only the destruction of the idea of the home as a safe place can return the lost sense of freedom and tranquility.


Voice authentication is a project about a forced relationship with space, in which the subject finds himself in the place of another.

@ Ania Lialina, 2022

Email:           Tel.: +7 (964) 527 69 30

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