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video, photos

The sunbathing voice accompanies the looped video. The young man lies on the knees of the girl. Her voice reminds him of the events of his life, childhood. But in every memory she puts herself. Near photography. Photo montage unites different cities, years, families, creates an alternative past.


None of the events that our memory stores existed. The fragility of the past sows the illusions of the future. The existence of the present is drowning in today and tomorrow.


Do not cross the field. Lay down. Listen to my voice. We will remain in the wind and will be warmed by the setting sun.


video performance

in the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM)

In the gallery space the artist used a forklift that weighs 4 tons to assemble a pyramid of cubes size 10×10 cm for educational games for children from 6 months. She got acute poisoning with exhaust gases, broke through the wall and collected only 7 cubes, 3 were crushed. So, like that constant efforts are greatly superior the result.


F=mg is the formula for finding the force, where "F" is the force of gravity,  "m" is the body mass, "g" is the acceleration of gravity.

BODY 2.1

3d model in the public domain

in the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM)

Cognition by observing an alienated body is the artistic task of this project. It finds a material and digital solution. The shell is becoming free of consciousness, and thus a body is seen as a pattern, a fragment of reality. The object, as well as the 3d model (which posted on the most popular site of 3D models TurboSquid), is in an unstable state and able to accept any impact. 

The digital code 2.1 mimics the numbering of the software and indicates a beta version. That status is crucial because of the time-based character of the project in the space of the exhibition and in the network. The changes are unsystematic, chthonic. The artist doesn’t intend to destroy the body. On the contrary, she accepts interventions, observes a penetration into a private sense of physicality. it is an act of humility to accept all the variability, including the influence of the "others".



time-based object

in the collection of the Multimedia Art Museum (MAMM)

The body is a work about an indelible touch, as physical, as mental. This time-based object is based on a 3D scan of the artist's body. Its contours are smoothed and unified, but contain the characteristic facial features and body shapes, in which author is easily recognizable. Thus, the author cancels the opposition of the "General — particular" and goes on to the opposition of "public — private". Each visitor may touch the body, removing the surface coating of the pigment, changing the structure and appearance, and makes an ethical choice.



photography, text 

All materials obtained as a result of visiting a manual therapist.


One part of the project is sensual photographs. The other is doctor's notes containing deviations from the norm,  in those parts of the body that are  

in the photos.



video, interactive sculpture

This is the first art work done at the art school on the assignment «Self-portrait».


The phenomenon of the mask is a stay in the region of death, to which Roland Barthes referred the photograph. Following the impossibility of the reviewer, spectrum, the photo as the death mask constitutes the death of the image object. Whilst gypsum allows me to access thermoperception and to provide a tangible time-based object.


It's a cycle of the mask creation from manufacturing of the cast on the video to cooling the gypsum here and now. This allows to involve the viewer in the process as a witness: Do you feel how the heat is leaving my face?




More than 20,000 of matches with the inscription "Я буду зажигать"/"I will light up" (hand-written by artist) burned of varying degrees completely cover the corridor floor.


Burning matches one by one where a single movement provokes an arson and throwing away – is a practice of  a waste of time.  The artist is interested in the form of procrastination caused by the conflict of ambition and fear of failure. The inscription on each match reveals the intention of a useful activity, but burning none of them led to ignition.

Снимок экрана5.png



There are secrets of the artist buried in flower pots. Every secret was written on paper, cataloged by date, placed on the bottom of a pot in a plastic capsule. Also there are indoor geraniums in flower pots. Pelargonium is a branched bush with a well-developed nodular rhizome, which covers personal secrets.


366 objects

in a private collection in Switzerland

Creation as a method of survival and living day by day.

It's 366 days, during neither one of which I was able to change the course of things.

On the table with a white tablecloth 366 dumplings are placed. 366 times one needs to admit their weakness to create.

On the round table with a white tablecloth stands a pyramid of gypsum dumplings. At the opening the visitors were offered dumplings, inside of which was dough instead of stuffing.



interactive sculpture

The title duplicates the name of a game, its aim is to get over the tangled rubber band without touching it. "The Olympics, mom's lipstick, dad's underwear, one, two, three!"*. During this counting rhyme the two leads while holding the rubber band in their hands, tangle it and freeze in the resulting pose. Objects are made of rebar and repeat the variations of rubber band shapes.

To play one needs a rubber band with a length of about five meters. More than three people should be playing. It is best to play on the street. The game is suitable for children from six years.
Game rules:
   1. The first player takes a rubber band with two hands, without squeezing it. The second player takes the band with one hand on the other end, and the other takes the band between the hands of the first player and moves a few steps away. So two players stand opposite each other at a distance of one and a half to two meters with a tight rubber band, crossed over as an "eight" or a "bow".
   2. Players say: "The Olympics, mom's lipstick, dad's underwear, one, two, three!"*.
   3. Players don't release the rubber from their hands. At the words "one, two, three!" they tangle it and freeze in the resulting pose. They are allowed to put feet on the rubber band to get intricate "spider web".
   4. The goal of other players is to climb (jump, crawl) over the "spider web" without touching the band.
   5. The one who touches the band, is a loser and takes the place of the one holding the rubber band. You can play in two-person teams. In this case, one pair holds the rubber band, two players of the other team try to climb over it, if someone from the team touches the band, the team loses, and teams switch places.


*Versions of the rhymes in Russian:

Mickey Mouse loves sausage – stop!

Mickey, Mickey Mouse, Santa Claus, Donald Duck, do like this!

Olympics, eat three poisons and choke!

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